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Tools for composers

  • Session planning
  • Musician scheduling
  • Cue progress chart / status page
  • Easy distribution of MP3 / Quicktime demos. Monitor who has heard what, when!
  • Automated emailing of other users to inform of the existence of significant changes or new attachments
  • The ability to update start / end points and other details within the notes themselves
  • Easy sorting of cues by various criteria

Tools for music supervisors and producers

  • Needledrop cost calculator with on-the-fly currency conversion allowing easy experimentation with different song options and combinations
  • Cue Sheet "as-you-go" which automatically updates as the music changes
  • The ability to calculate scoring costs and plan recording sessions
  • Attachment of MP3 needledrop suggestions to individual cue entries

Tools for music editors

  • A clear and convenient way of presenting spotting notes
  • All SMPTE formats and feet / frames supported
  • Cut log… Individual cue timings referenced to a particular cut of the film allowing staggered updating of notes as the film is recut - colour coding means that users can see at a glance whether a particular cue's timings are accurate to the current cut
  • Cue Sheet as-you-go facility. The music supervisor can add publisher and affiliation details as the production progresses so the cue sheet is ready for printing immediately. The production, including its cue sheet remains archived online so can always be found.
  • The notes can be updated and published instantly at sessions, in bed, at the mix, on the train! ...wherever there’s internet access. Everyone sees the latest possible version of the notes at all times
  • Optional Shuffle-conforming of start / end timings on recut (coming soon)
  • Easily merge / split cues (coming soon)
  • Printable version of each page (if you really need to print the notes) or data export to other packages
  • Visitor Log - identify which users has been visiting the site and when

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